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Innovator Spotlight | Doris Easley

Meet a GreenEarth Cleaner 

Doris Easley Textile Restoration                   

Doris Easley
Roseville, CA

Years in business:  67

Awards:  Lifetime Achievement Award, California Cleaners Association/ International Drycleaners Congress 1984 Drycleaner of the Year/ 1st woman elected as IDC President

 As the undisputed expert in heirloom restoration, Doris has seen her fair share of interesting garments and textiles that are brought or shipped to her from all over the world. From the unusual to the glamorous, Doris has seen it all. She has restored pieces for the Asian Art Museum, The McHenry Mansion, a quilt that hangs in the Smithsonian and the lace linens on display at Standford University's Hoover Towers. Doris has handled vintage collector's baseball jerseys worn by Dan Marino and Willie Mays. A special highlight was restoring several articles belonging to Princess Diana, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert but she has to say that "a 900 year old cave burial fragment" was the most memorable.

A story of innovation
Doris joined the business with her husband when they moved from North Dakota to California. Her father in-law was a tailor and therefore dry cleaning seemed to be a natural transition.

Over the years, Doris has carved out her niche in the dry cleaning industry. Having been in the business for almost 70 years, she has learned a thing or two about the dry cleaning industry. She receives garments from all over the world that require the keen eye and careful hand of an expert in order to be properly restored. Her pricing strategy is based on the type of garment received and its condition. She pays close attention to fiber content, designer and care label. If she does not feel 100 percent confident that she can successfully clean and restore the garment, she will not accept it. She has stayed true to this philosophy and as a result her customers have been delighted every time. Doris attributes good communication as the main reason she has not had to pay a customer for a garment replacement since 1965.  

One challenge Doris has is due to the delicacy of the garments that she handles every day. Many of the garments have weak fibers that have disintegrated over the years making them very fragile. In order to preserve their integrity, she can not add new thread to old garments. With GreenEarth she is able to clean more delicate and fragile garments without a concern because it is so good for all fabrics and trims. In our discussion with Doris, it occurred to us that it is one thing to be in business for 67 years which is an accomplishment in itself, and it is another to become a leader in the business as well. So what is the key to Doris' success and longevity? "Communication is key.  It is so important to communicate with your customers.  I always make sure that I thoroughly look over the garment with the customer present and discuss the process with them prior to restoring the garment. I encourage customers to do the same. Ask questions and point out areas of concern or stains so that the dry cleaner can work to attain the best possible results for you."


The GreenEarth Spotlight Series

Eligibility:  Any GreenEarth licensed cleaner.

Selection Criteria
:  Dry cleaner spotlight selections are based on alignment to GreenEarth's mission to change dry cleaning for good, demonstrated effectiveness in meeting the ever-changing needs of customers and the garments they wear, and positive impact on the environmental health of their community.

     I always make sure that I take the time to explain the process of restoration to my customers , communication is key.(Above: Doris Easley with Kelsey McLellan at Fabricare 2012 Long Beach, CA)

Doris restores a very old tapestry with burgundy dye transfer from velvet backing.

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