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Sustainable Pyjamas Make the Mark

Sustainable Pyjamas Make the Mark By: Garry Knox Clothing Giant Primark has recently announced its first sustainable cotton clothing range, which includes sustainable Pyjamas – it’s good to see that this is not an issue that they are sleeping on. In a move to adopt...

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Green is the New Black

Green is the New Black By: Tara Clark The goal of the GreenEarth dry cleaner is to provide customers will an exceptional and sustainable service at a fair price. To this end, the GreenEarth system allows operators to deliver an impeccable clean while minimising...

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Maximized Sustainability – End To End

Maximized Sustainability - End To End By: Ron Benjamin In most cases, the measure of sustainability is straightforward and addresses one step in an overall process. For example, in the dry cleaning business, people often consider the solvent in which the garments are...

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Green Heating Sees Red

Green Heating Sees Red By: Garry Knox The right kind of heating today is a global issue with many impacts. Not just in terms of its efficiency from an environmental point of view but as prices rise, a cost perspective too. Lots of new ways to provide energy have been...

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