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It Pays To Go Green.

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Dry Cleaner Friendly

Unlike other “green” methods, GreenEarth is not more expensive for dry cleaners to use. With GreenEarth, everybody wins. With GreenEarth, for the first time, people have a real choice about where to take their dry cleaning. GreenEarth is more than an odor-free, petroleum-free dry cleaning method. It’s actually better for clothes.

GreenEarth Makes it Easy to be Green

For dry cleaners, there are many factors to consider before investing in a green dry cleaning system. Like how well it actually cleans. Or what regulators will do five years from now. How much the equipment will cost? Or if it will cost more to operate? A mistake can put you out of business. Fortunately, in each and every aspect, GreenEarth is truly a sustainable solution.

Isn’t 100% Professional Wet Cleaning Better?

Not all fabrics do well in water; it swells the fibers and can cause shrinkage, especially with natural fibers. The extra labor required to finish garments is expensive. And there is a real opportunity cost when garments must be turned away or sent out the back door to be dry cleaned somewhere else (likely with petrochemicals).

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The Perks of being a GreenEarth Affiliate

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