Meet the Team

Tim Maxwell



As a second-generation dry cleaner, Tim has served in numerous roles for GreenEarth since joining in 2000. He currently holds the position of President, and we’re lucky to have him steering the ship.

He’s been recognized by international regulatory agencies as a stakeholder representative in the reduction of perchloroethylene in the dry cleaning sector.

His family takes regular ski trips, and in the summer, you can find him exploring the waters. As a Canadian, he shares his nation’s passion for ice hockey and plays recreationally.

Tim holds a degree in Economics from the University of Windsor in Windsor, Canada.

Ron Benjamin

Managing Director


Ron began his career as an entrepreneur in 1971. Since that time, he has started or purchased seven different businesses in the Midwest. These businesses have been wide-ranging, including blood plasma recycling, dry cleaning, electronic banking, franchised yogurt shops, retail drug stores, potato repackaging, and direct mail marketing and fundraising.

He’s a Co-Founder of GreenEarth Cleaning and has served as its Managing Director since its inception in 1999. He keeps us all in check, assuring everything coming from our team is up to GreenEarth standards.

Ron received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Bucknell University and his M.B.A. from Harvard University.

Karen Maxwell

Customer Service Director


Karen joined the GreenEarth team in 2007, providing support to our Affiliates and assuring their needs are met. In addition to her role as Customer Service Director, Karen contributes in nearly every facet of the company. You could say she is the glue that keeps it all together.

Karen brings to GreenEarth over 25 years experience in retail and operations management, sales coaching, and customer service training.

She resides in Kansas City with her husband Tim and her two children. Her pleasures in life include exploring nature with her two dogs, kayaking, paddle boarding, skiing, golfing, reading, and cooking.

Garry Knox

Sustainability Director


Garry Knox has been the Sustainability Director since 2014, following ten years service with U.K. GreenEarth affiliate, Johnson Cleaners.

Garry’s background has mainly been in Retail Marketing, including roles at leading U.K. retailers Marks and Spencer and Littlewoods.  He became a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing after graduating from the University of Central Lancashire.

Garry is also on the board of the Association of Suppliers to The British Clothing Industry (ASBCI).

Joe Blaha

Business Development Manager


Joe has been helping grow the GreenEarth Network since 2008. Other responsibilities include serving as the Allied Trades Director Member on the DLI Board and ownership of GreenEarth Cleaners in Castle Pines, Colorado, with his son Derek running the operation.

With over 40 years experience in the dry cleaning industry, including plant design and construction, equipment sales and service, supply distribution, training, and education, the purchase last year of a cleaners affords a well-rounded perspective to share.

Outside of dry cleaning, he and his wife take pleasure in traveling the globe, cooking, and hiking the Colorado mountains.

Andy Lien

Technical Director


Andy Lien is GreenEarth’s Technical Operations Manager. Have a question about your dry cleaning machine, maintenance, programming, pre-spotting, or other day-to-day issues? He can help!

Andy is originally from Fargo, North Dakota, where he was the Operations Manager of Camelot Cleaners before moving to GreenEarth in 2013. Since then, he has visited hundreds of our Affiliates in the U.S. and over 30 different countries, ensuring they are using GreenEarth to the best of their equipment’s ability.

When he isn’t assisting our Affiliates, he gets his thrills out of backpacking, photography, and history podcasts.

Scott Steele

Licensing Manager


Scott has been with GreenEarth since 2006. He’s the man who wears many hats. He’s processing licenses, overseeing all incoming and outgoing product, and so much more. Not to mention, in his downtime, he’s our in-house interior designer.

He is an avid bowler with the smoothest release you’ve ever seen, but nothing is quite as enjoyable to him as a long ride in the countryside on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. Scott has been happily married to his wife Jennifer for 14 years, all while raising their three shih tzu children.

Aaron Newport

Marketing Manager


Aaron works with the GreenEarth marketing team as well as many GreenEarth Affiliates on various marketing initiatives ranging from social campaigns to store lobby designs and everything in between.

Prior to his role with GreenEarth, he worked with  businesses from a plethora of industries, like retail boutiques, restaurants, construction, insurance agents, lawyers, and even audio/visual design.

Aaron holds a Telecommunications degree from Ball State University, where he focused on writing and design. His personal passions have always been art, music, and architecture, which inspire his creativity and outside-the-box thinking.

Kevin Burditt

Technical Sales Representative


Kevin brings a servant attitude to provide Affiliates with solutions and insight to meet today’s professional textile care challenges. You’ll find one of his favorite places is in the plant, sharing knowledge and training to build confidence in staff.

He’s backed by 31 years dedicated to continued education, serving in multi-plant and central plant management, capital goods sales in equipment and plant design, and large territory chemical sales. He also has held positions as a WFI board member and within numerous volunteer organizations.

He’s a native Wisconsin Cheesehead, dad to four and new grandpa to one.

Zarah Eads

Social Media Specialist


Zarah is GreenEarth’s expert for all things social, working with Affiliates across the globe to bring a voice to their brand and grow business through engaging content targeting potential dry cleaning customers.

She holds a Mass Communications degree with an emphasis in Journalism from Southeast Missouri State University. During her time as an undergraduate, she worked for the campus’ student-run newspaper as both A&E Editor and Managing Editor. It was there she discovered a passion for storytelling.

Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time outdoors, photographing, and giving belly rubs to her hound dog, Luna.

Steve Kno

Affiliate Support Specialist


In February 2016, Steve was given the opportunity to take the role of General Manager at One Hour Cleaners in Hawthorne, California. During his time there, he successfully transitioned the cleaners into a fully environmentally non-toxic dry cleaning operation using the GreenEarth G-Series machine. He also led the company through recessionary times and achieved a triple-digit increase in sales from 2016 to 2018 through the use of a search engine optimized website and a strong social media presence.

Moving forward, his role with GreenEarth is to establish and maintain growth in relationships with new prospects and existing Affiliates. He also tackles the prospecting challenges that face GreenEarth when assisting Korean-American Affiliates.

Joe Pasley

Social Media Specialist


Joe joined the team at the start of 2021 as a member of our marketing and social media team. His enthusiastic energy and creative background bring a new flare to the culture of GreenEarth.

He graduated from Kansas State University in May 2020 with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Marketing & Journalism. During his time at K-State, he was able to work with Anheuser-Busch as the Bud Light Campus Rep and also worked with Rockstar Energy for brand promotion. That was when he discovered he loved brand promoting and social media.

Joe spends his free time with his corgi, Benson, and before COVID-19, he loved going to music festivals and concerts throughout America.

Thomas Dufresne

Ecommerce Team Member


Thomas has quickly become an integral part of our team. He started with GreenEarth in 2017 and works on a wide range of projects. Most important, he’s whom our Affiliates can thank for making sure their orders are fulfilled and shipped on time.

Thomas graduated from Blue Valley West High School in 2016 and is currently continuing his education.

He participates in a local choir group who performs around the city. Next to music, his favorite pastime is playing goalie in a recreational hockey league.

Brett Glannon

Marketing Assistant


Brett Glannon is a Midwest native, growing up in Chicago and moving to Kansas City five years ago. She graduated from the University of Kansas in the class of 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.

Brett has been working as a Marketing Assistant for GreenEarth Cleaning since May 2018, where she assists with digital content creation and scheduling.

Beyond her work with GreenEarth, Brett also volunteers at Wayside Waifs, a local animal shelter in Kansas City.

Siena Maxwell

Marketing Assistant

Siena is a part of GreenEarth’s social media team, working with Affiliates to build long-term relationships between people and brands through meaningful social interaction.

With a degree in Media and the Public Interest from the University of Western Ontario, she has the depth of knowledge to build and strengthen brand recognition, maintain a strong presence, and seamlessly integrate brands into people’s lives and conversations.

As a Toronto native, Siena thoroughly enjoys listening to Drake. She also loves rock climbing and baking, with cake pops as her specialty.

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